Typical Cuisine of Paris

By | August 17, 2017


Paris, the city of lights, synonym for art and love is also popular for it’s cuisine. The richness and variety in this cuisine is incredible that it do not have any equal competitor. The dishes are irresistible even in the way they appear. You can find this in your Paris food tours. Wherever you go, you should be ready to explore the traditional food items and culture of that place along with sightseeing. A trip can be called complete only if we are back home not with loads of souvenirs but when your brain is filled with so many information about the place. Food tours paris cannot be complete just by tasting the food items that you get from the restaurants and the streets. You should be ready to explore so that you can realise whom these people are.

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The starters are called as entree in French and these are usually much lighter than what you get in other destinations. The starters that you get here include pates, soups and fresh salads. The main course is called plat principal or else plat de resistance. The food tours paris can bring to your notice that the main dish is always something made out of meat or fish and it can be accompanies with veggies, pasta or rice. The classic onion soup is a popular dish of the place which you can find during your Paris food tour. This is dish is simply delicious and is made out of cheese and butter. You can also get the delicious omelettes at Paris which are stuffed with cheese, ham, mushrooms and with many other ingredients. Canard a L’orange is another popular dish which is prepared out of vegetables and chicken. It is also seasoned with wine and spices. Escargots which are made out of tender snail meat is another incredible dish you can taste at Paris. Ratatouille is another popular dish of French cuisine which can be served itself, other main dishes or with rice.

Fromage and Dessert

After the main course, formage is served as per the traditional of French. This is another incredible category which include numerous kinds of cheeses to choose from. You can have vieux Boulogne, boursin, roquefirt, brie, camembert as fromage. From starters to fromage , it is very rich and heavy and so the dessert can be something very simple that is just yogurt and fruit.


The Food tours Paris can make you acquainted with the favourite drinks of French. French are fond of drinking coffee and is a common habit that you can find around Paris. They have certain drinks in the form of digestives after food so that the stomach can stay good after a heavy meal. Fruit brandy, cognac, Armagnac and coffee are consumed in the form of digestive at this place. Beer is also a popular choice of French as digestive which you can find during your food tours Paris. Along with the dishes that you have, it is traditional to drink wine in France. You can also enjoy having champaign at paris.

Pain et – Confiture

Your food tours paris is incomplete without tasting this dessert. It is very simple and a common dish over there which is made out of bread loaf by spreading butter and jam on it. They are even consumed in the form of breakfast.

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