Henry Hoover Family Selecting Your current Perfect Cleaning Friend

By | February 2, 2017

Selecting what vacuum cleaner to buy can be a tricky decision. There are hundreds of brands of vacuums on the market of varying prices, designs and sizes, each one boasting of high performance lasting durability. We also have to determine what functionality and cleaning requirements we want. The user may have hard floors, floor coverings, fine materials or pets which all must be considered.
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Henry Hoover from Numatic is a globally acknowledged vacuum cleaner with a reputation for excellent performance and quality. This has been achieved primarily through their unique branding but mainly due to the superior design and performance that Henry possesses. Typically the functionality and ease of use of a Henry Hoover is the reason why so many people choose it over other machine cleaners.

Numatic has now decided to grow on the amazing success of Henry by developing new models. Each model like Holly has been named, offering each a distinctive personality. They will have designed each new family member with unique individual talents, allowing consumers to pin point the ideal vacuum cleaner for their own specific needs.

Typically the new additions consist of Hetty, Harry, James, George and Charles. Each vacuum has been designed and produced with the same understanding and attention to details as henry hoover asda, giving the assurance that whichever machine you choose it will be tough, durable and have exceptional performance.

Harry Hoover has been specifically designed to cater for those with pets. Equipped with MicroFresh activated charcoal filtration and dual purpose HairoBrush, Harry can combat the unwanted smells, dirt and hair that pets may bring to the home. George and Charles have both been made for dry or wet vacuuming, having the ability to pick upwards accidental spills.

George is further improved with scrubbing up and drying capacities for hard floors and cleaning of carpets and upholstery, making him the ultimate cleaning solution. James Whirlpool has been designed with the environment in mind, making him one of the most eco friendly and efficient vacuum cleaners on the market.

With energy efficiency figures 50% better than competing vacuums, James also boasts 20% reduction in noise levels and 30% improvement in air quality. Typically the new cable storage design also incorporates storage space for dusters and polishing equipment, adding to the functionality and convenience. Hetty is the female addition to the family and has all benefit performance and toughness qualities of the girl male counterparts, with that added bit of glitz and glam.

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